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The Third Week in October Wednesday October 27, 2010

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was a lovely one.  Perfectly Fall.  Cool mornings, brilliantly colored leaves and that particular scent of autumn in the air.  I love it.

My exciting development of the week is that I have a new phone:

Can you believe it?!!  I’m actually on the cutting edge of technology.  Oh what a baby will do for your life.  Who needs a camcorder when you can just get a swank phone?!  Loving my new toy.

Bean’s Grandpa came for a visit late in the week and gave Toad and I an opportunity to have a non-baby meeting with the social worker who will be working with us on the adoption.  This adoption is going to be quite a process and I have conflicting feelings about it.  Looking at the list of information that needs to be gathered and the time and energy that will go into collecting it so that I can adopt my.own.son. is irritating.  In more mature moments I am just grateful that we live in a state where this adoption is not expressly prohibited.  There is no provision for families like ours, but there is also no explicit rule against it.  So, we will be walking the fine line that runs down the center.  AFTER we finish all the paperwork.

We all enjoyed Grandpa’s visit.  While I always enjoy visiting with him, I also really appreciated the opportunity to get out of the house on my own.  With Grandpa on baby wrangling duty, I was able to take myself out to lunch AND wander slowly through a bookstore.  Bliss.

On Saturday afternoon the three of us went to a local brewery to meet another lesbian couple with a new baby.  This is a couple that I became acquainted with through my obsession with lesbian baby-making blogs.  Their daughter was born about a month before Bean, so it was cool both to meet them and to hang out with another new baby.  It was also cool to find such a fun, casual spot so close to our house.

The Unitarians have a tradition of announcing new babies with a rose during the Sunday service.  Bean was officially welcomed this Sunday and he agreed to a few pictures with his rose.  How funny is this one?!

The four of us spent the afternoon outside hiking and hanging out on the grass.  Perfect.



One Response to “The Third Week in October”

  1. T Says:

    I officially suck. When YOU have a swanky phone and I’m toting a ca. 1999 motorola around the world has turned upside down.

    Oh well. Miss you anyway.

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