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A lesbian wife and mother tries her hand at something new. Surely there is a hat that fits out there somewhere!

Long Time, No Blog Tuesday December 7, 2010

Filed under: Daily Life,The Wife & Mother — The Professor @ 11:09 am

It’s been awhile.  Unfortunately for this blog, my National Novel Writing Month adventure left me not a word to spare for anything that wasn’t a part of the story I was working on.  Happily, I met the  goal of 50,000 words during the month of November and I have a pretty decent first draft to show for it.  I also have this snazzy badge to trumpet my achievement!  Hooray to me!

All of that is grand, but the rest of life has continued to go on without my online recording of it, and that certainly is not.  I’m resisting the urge for outlining the play by play since late October, as that would just end in frustration and failure to post anything at all.  Instead, I’m bulleting the highlights.

  • Bean enjoyed his Bookworm Halloween costume much more than we had expected, particularly his bookish specs (see above).  I imagined a brief, grudging acceptance that ended in irritated refusal, but the Bean is a good-natured Bean and he was happy to entertain his Mommies.  Good boy…
  • Our friends came to town for a weekend visit and Miss Bella and Bean were finally able to meet!  Bella’s verdict?  He blows lots of bubbles and he doesn’t know how to play.  Oh well, before long he’ll give her a run for her money.  I’m sure of it.
  • Toad and the Professor have been house hunting and are in the process of buying a house!  Very exciting stuff, more about all of that soon.
  • Winter has arrived and that has meant lots of chilly walks which Toad has been more than happy to wardrobe.  I don’t know where she finds these things, but Bean has quite the adorable cold weather gear collection.
  • All four of us traveled to North Carolina for a very fun Thanksgiving.  We celebrated the day with 9 people, 4 dogs and 1 baby.  The Grabs even came up on the following day for a post Turkey day afternoon.  Bean makes travel both much more enjoyable and much more complex.  So far, I’m thinking that is the way of babies.
  • Bean is growing into a smily, giggly, good-natured little dude.  We are so lucky to have such an easygoing baby.  He is an excellent traveler and so far, there isn’t much that we have asked of him that he hasn’t been able/willing to accommodate.  Joining us for a dinner out?  Sure!  Hanging out in the bucket for most of the day while we travel?  Not a problem.  Making it possible for Baker to get a decent walk when it’s 20 degrees?  Of course! We really do have a sweet boy.

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