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The First Week in December Monday December 13, 2010

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It’s been a chilly week at our house as you can see from the photo on the top right.  Bean’s first snow day came on Sunday 12/12.  We bundled him up as thoroughly as possible and only took him out to the courtyard area for a few minutes, but the initial excitement of the falling flakes exploded in just a few short moments into the angry wail of the irritated and I guess probably cold baby.  Oh well.  We didn’t want him to miss it and I think he thought it was pretty cool at first!

The major life event of the week was the home inspection.  Yup, you heard that right.  Toad and the Professor are in the process of home ownership.  We’ve fallen in love with a house that feels like it was made for us.  It has everyone of the aspirational items we had included on our list and it’s almost hard to believe.  In fact, it’s so hard to believe that I’m still keeping the whole thing at an emotional arms length because all sorts of things could happen between now and our February closing.  I really don’t think it will, especially after meeting with the owner/builder Friday, but you never know.  The picture on the bottom middle is Bean with the owner’s cat, Rufus.  Rufus has one blue eye and one green eye.  That sounds cool, but it’s mostly just creepy.

We met our new friend Bren and her daughter Sam for sushi on Thursday night.  Bren and Jae are another married lesbian couple with a baby only a month older than Bean.  We are so lucky to have met them.  Jae was teaching a night class, so we missed her, but getting the five of us together was fun.  We were also sitting at the front  table at the restaurant so everyone who walked by stopped to coo at and praise the babies.  All that AND sushi!  A good night for sure.

On Friday night I donned the FABULOUS shoes on the bottom right and Toad and I went to her work holiday party.  We always managed to miss these events during her residency and fellowship due to a combination of social avoidance and not wanting to spend the money on getting so dressed up, but this year we decided to go for it.  Every new Mom needs a good chance to feel pretty, doesn’t she?  After work one night, we blew through the local mall in a serious whirlwind and managed to come out with a rocking dress, heels and earrings for me and a new button-down shirt and pants for Toad.  It was a major score for two girls who don’t like to spend the evening at the mall.

In spite of the fact that it was an office holiday party, we both had a lot of fun.  Bean stayed home with my cousin and we enjoyed a night out.  Toad’s colleagues and their wives are great people and getting all dressed up, eating food I didn’t cook and hanging out with them, made for a mighty fine evening.  Unfortunately, I woke up the next morning with a pretty serious cold which made my plans to take Bean to Mommy and Me yoga seem like a bad idea.  Bummer.  We’re going to go soon though.  By Saturday night I was feeling a bit better and decided to go to yet another Christmas party that our friends were hosting.  By the second hour of the party, two things were clear.  Bean was not going to snooze in the bassinet in our friend’s room and my throat and head were not cooperating with the party plans.  After a little visiting and even less wine, we headed for home early.  At least we tried…

Snow was in the forecast for Sunday and I decided that I absolutely had to get the weekly grocery trip taken care of ASAP.  When I decide that I must go to the grocery, don’t try to talk me out of it.  I’m a very agreeable person by nature, but on some things I will not budge.  A grocery shopping trip is one of those things.  So, Toad and Bean went to church and I went to Kroger.  We spent the afternoon decorating the tree, making chili and quinoa muffins for the week, and playing in the snow.


3 Responses to “The First Week in December”

  1. T Says:

    Ahem… you saw your most favorite person in the world, too. And her Mom.

    And, DUDE.. your blog is SNOWING!!!

  2. T Says:

    Well… pardon me! 😛
    Miss you!

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