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The Last Week in January Sunday January 30, 2011

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This week was Bean’s official “Venturing into the Social World” week.  Maybe it was all the snow and freezing temperatures or maybe it was fact that the walls of the condo began to feel that they were actually closing in on us, but at some point in mid-January I decided that we MUST start.doing.things.  Pronto.  This week was the week.

On Monday we went for a play date with the Jasper boys and great fun was had by all.  Actually it was nice to get out of the house and chat with Wendy and Bean really seemed to have fun.  The boys rolled around on the floor and basically looked cute.  Success.

On Tuesday we used a free pass and enjoyed a class at MyGym.  They have a class for 4-18 month olds, but with Bean at 5 months he was by far the youngest in the class.  There was lots of singing and swinging and playing with puppets, but everyone else could at least sit up on their own and most were walking.  He seemed to have fun watching the other kids, but there were lots of things he couldn’t do.  This might be fun down the road, but it’s too pricy as a spectator sport.

That night some new friends from church came over for dinner with their 10 month old.  Man oh man was that girl on the move.  She’s super cute but she scares me.  How much longer do I have before I spend all my time chasing Bean?  I’m thinking my days are numbered.  Spending an evening with Norah makes me think that I may not have to worry with exercise for a few years.  That’s a nice bonus I guess.

Thursday night we met Bren, Jae and little Sammy at the brewery for what has become quite a fabulous weekly ritual.  I’m really enjoying getting to know these girls.  The next night (Friday) I finally broke down and went to (as opposed to just talking about going to) a book club meeting that I found on Meetup.  From what I could tell in one brief evening, the group seems promising.  The craziest development of the night?  The girl who was Drum Major in my HS Marching band when I was a senior and whom I have not seen in 14 years was at the Meetup.  How crazy is that?!  I should also mention that this little reunion took place hundreds of miles from my home town.  Small world.  Yeah.

The weekend has been tons of fun for two big reasons:

  1. Toad is home!!!
  2. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL, high’s in the 60’s kind of beautiful.

Creating paragraphs is beginning to wear me out, so here is a list of the weekend’s highlights:

  • Bren, Jae and Sam came over to play.  Sam showed Bean how cool it is to eat sweet potatoes, also messy.
  • Bean attended his first women’s college basketball game
  • Toad created a thrilling lecture about MRI of the wrist
  • We broke down and starting watching the 5th season of Weeds (I’m thinking that’s more of a low light)
  • Bean rode in the stroller sans bucket.  This was a little too much for me, but it is exciting.  Exciting and emotional.

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  1. T Says:

    “Toad created a thrilling lecture about MRI of the wrist”

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