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The Last Two Weeks of February Monday February 28, 2011

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February has been a BIG month at my house.  Here is what we have been up to:

  • Getting Bean up on the airplane.  He took to the sky quite nicely and we had no drama whatsoever.  This could have been due to the fact that he nursed on the way up AND on the way down, making the trip seem almost like Thanksgiving, but assuring that his ears stayed clear.  Mission accomplished.
  • Visiting in our old stomping grounds.  Bean made the rounds at the hospital meeting all of Toad’s colleagues and perhaps picking up the bug that would terrorize us the following week (more on this later).  Of course, maybe he got it on the plane.  So many opportunities really….
  • Showing off the baby to anybody and everybody who would allow it.
  • Packing up and moving out of the condo.
  • Moving into our new house.  YAHOO!!
  • Dealing with a sick little Bean.  He passed six months without an illness, but on Day #1 of the move the little guy dropped like a fly.  A kicking, screaming, wheezing and coughing fly.  Not pretty.
  • Taking Bean in for his fist sick baby visit with the pediatrician.  By day five, I needed a professional to tell me that we were doing what we needed to be doing to care for him.  We were.
  • Visiting with both sets of parents.  Mine were here for the first shift and Toad’s came in for the second round.  We could NOT have done it without them.  The four of them have stepped in as carpenter, AV/tech guy, handyman, kitchen organizer and baby soother/wrangler.
  • Hemorrhaging cash.  Moving is exciting but financially frightening.

One thing you may not see on the above list is sleep.  Yeah, I need some of that.




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