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The Second Week of March Monday March 14, 2011

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I spent the week reveling in the joy of BEING somewhere.  I much prefer settling in to closing up the old or even starting the new.  It’s just so nice to snuggle in, especially somewhere you love.  In case you didn’t get the memo, I love this house.  What you see above are some of my favorite spots.

There was of course more to the week than just the new house high.  On Wednesday afternoon our friendly social worker came to the house for our adoption home visit.  Although Toad and I have (too much) time with her both in person and on the phone, this was her first introduction to Bean.  Smitten.  She was definitely smitten.  That has to be a good thing, no?  We were so relieved to have jumped through the final hoop of this adoption process that the three of us went out for a celebratory dinner that night.  Bean and I met Toad at the restaurant after work so as to maximize happy Bean time and it was a good idea.  The little guy had a blast with a fork and a menu and I was of course thrilled to be eating dinner at 5:30.  Really.

Another highlight came on Friday with Bean’s 6 month check-up  in which he charmed everyone in the office and got a great report from the doctor.  Well done little Bean!  Toad was on call for the weekend and spent both Saturday and Sunday at the hospital, but we met her for lunch both days and even managed to wrangle time for the purchase of both a lawnmower and blinds for Bean’s room.  Ah the joys of home ownership.


One Response to “The Second Week of March”

  1. Leslie Says:

    The new place looks awesome! We can’t wait to come for a visit soon. I hope that you all enjoy the spring and the longer days 🙂

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