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I Love You Dad! Saturday March 26, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life,Family — The Professor @ 5:09 pm

Life hasn’t been easy for my folks lately.  In spite of all of the twists and turns they remain their optimistic, solid selves.  Earlier this week, after MONTHS of Dad undergoing test after test after test, the doc came back with the C word.  NOT what we wanted to hear.  DEFINITELY not what my cancer-phobic borderline crazy self wanted to hear.  Actually the word was “lymphoma”, but I know what that means.  B cell lymphoma to be somewhat precise.  (I didn’t even know that we HAD B cells) There is still work to be done in the way of being completely precise, but the doctors are honing in.

I have been particularly grateful this week for my own little family.  I’m sure I would have been much more of a disaster without a son who keeps me running all day long and a wife who is there for me to collapse into when all that running is over.  Those two are perfect for me.

In the center of this whirlwind of doctor visits and anxiety and general overwhelm, there’s my Dad.  My calm, quiet, supporting cast kind of a Dad.  This news has thrust him right into the attention spotlight and I know that (in addition to all the rest of it) that can’t feel too comfortable.  I’m adding to the situation by blogging about the guy, but there it is.  It’s a lot to handle, but if anybody can do it, he can.  He is already helping us begin the process of coping with this news by continuing to approach the world with his own brand of quiet confidence.  He is taking it all in and moving forward.  As for me, I’m doing what I can to follow his example just as I always have.


One Response to “I Love You Dad!”

  1. christina Says:

    very sweet post about your dad and his strength & calm…sending healing wishes…

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