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The Last Three Weeks – Late April/Early May Monday May 9, 2011

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Man oh man, I’ve gotten behind.  Again.  In fact, I haven’t really slowed long enough to do much reflection since my last Wife & Mother post.  In spite of living in a two-Mom household, Toad and I were both surprised last Saturday to realize that Mother’s Day was Sunday.  As in, the next day.  How did that happen?  So, there was no inspired gift exchange and no cards in the mail for our own Mothers.  Opps.  Sorry guys. 😉  We did however enjoy the day.

Probably best to share the high points.  Here’s what’s been going on around here since last time:

  • Toad’s parents (now known as Muzzie and Grandpa) closed on a small farmhouse about 45 minutes down the road that will allow them to come with all their animals and visit for longer stretches.
  • Our lawn receives expert care from Toad who I now refer to as my yard boy
  • We’ve started a Saturday morning ritual of walking down to our neighborhood farmer’s market for produce.  So far Baker is joining, but he is about to bark himself out of an invitation.  It’s a wonderful walk and in addition to the vendors who sell everything from eggs and strawberries and delicious bread to organic dog treats and gourmet marshmallows that come in flavors like rose cardamom and espresso peanut butter, there is also live music and free yoga from 10-11.  I love our neighborhood a little more each day.
  • Toad went on a great ride with a new friend from church while Bean and I had a play date with his wife and 13 month old little girl.
  • I learned that satisfying holiday celebrations require advanced planning.  Luckily Bean won’t remember that his first Easter included neither Easter Egg Hunt nor any other fun Spring ritual.  Oh well….
  • We dined with the UU’s at Blackstone Brewery for Dine Out for Life and had great conversations with folks we hadn’t had the opportunity to meet.
  • Lots and lots of lots of rain.  Thunder too.
  • We got the first good doctor report on my Dad.  White cells and platelets are up since the first round of chemo. Yahoo!!!!
  • The three of us participated in a marathon.  Bean, Grandpa and I cheered and Toad ran.  Fast.  In a field of over 30,000 runners, she crossed the line 2nd in her age group.  Wow.  The girl is amazing.
  • By that race-day evening, we were all in Chicago.  Yeah….crazy.
  • Much Chicago fun was had by all.  See previous post for details.
  • All three of us went to story time at our HUGE main library.  This is a story time that involves not just puppets and books and singing, but also amps and something of a light show.  The first time we went Bean was so overwhelmed he cried.  This time, we made it almost 20 minutes before he hit the wall.  Progress.
  • We went for our first visit to the zoo and had a great time.  Bean was WILD (truly) about the flamingos.  The place was clean and shady and we will definitely be back.
  • We participated in the annual child dedication at church.  It was a meaningful ceremony and it made me even more happy to be a UU.
  • We started an herb garden with basil, rosemary, mint and Thai basil.  Bean wanted to help and realized that dirt is fun!  I’m totally pumped.

Finally, a picture of me and my guy.


One Response to “The Last Three Weeks – Late April/Early May”

  1. Pamela K. Says:

    That is the SWEETEST pic of you and your baby! Love it! So glad to hear the good news on your dad. Hope things continue looking up for him.

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