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The Third Week in May Monday May 23, 2011

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Lovely, no?  If only this image had audio.  Last week it was the rain and this week it is the plague.  The cicada plague.  At times we have literally been ankle-deep in their loud, crunchy bodies.  I wish I were making this up, but it’s true.  I should explain that the ankle-deep part has only happened during walks on our woodsy greenway.  It is quite possible that we have entered some weird portal and landed smack in the middle of a Stephen King novel.

In case you haven’t heard, the 13 year cicadas are here.  According to the experts, they emerge from the ground (in hordes) and live for five to six weeks.  In that time, they eat, mate and make an UNBELIEVABLE amount of noise.  A childhood spent entirely in the deep South has familiarized me with the cicada, but I was wholly unprepared for the mass appearance they have made in the last few weeks.  A cicada here and there is quite a different thing than thousands and thousands of cicadas invading your neighborhood, turning it into both a mass grave (crunch, crunch, crunch) and a concert venue that bows to no noise ordinance.

While it’s disgusting to see cicada bodies everywhere you look and even worse to crunch them endlessly underfoot, it is the sound they make that really gets you.  It’s a constant droning that has become so pervasive I’m beginning to wonder how quiet life will be when their occupation is over.  Toad has described it as sounding like a car alarm sounding from the next block.  In particularly tree/bush dense places it can overwhelm conversation.  I have retired my Nano for the duration of their visit because I can’t get the volume loud enough to make any of it audible.  Strange times for sure.

Of course, there is more than the cicada plague going on around here.  For one thing Toad and I enjoyed not one, but TWO awesome date nights.  On the first we ventured to a restaurant that was new to us and although we almost didn’t find it (thanks Google Maps) , we were quite glad that we finally did.  The place was high on atmosphere and modeled after a 1920’s speakeasy.  The focal point was the bar with a long and interesting list of signature cocktails, but we opted out of liquor(maybe next time) and enjoyed the food.  A nice night out for sure.

On Friday night we headed to the park, spread a blanket, bought some Kettle Korn and listened to good music.  Outdoor music is something we haven’t we done since before Yogi was born and it felt so good to do it again.  And also to think about how fabulous it will be to include the little dude.  To have a special night in which he stays up past his bed time and wears a cheap little glo stick around his neck and runs out in a field with other little people while his Mommies listen to bluegrass.  Good times ahead.

As I’m SURE I mentioned last week, Toad was at the hospital all last weekend, so we were extra ready for family time when the weekend rolled around.  We got Saturday off to a good start at the Farmers Market.  We picked up only one loaf of bread, but we did run into Emily Saliers while we were all perusing local goat cheese.  A small world, but where was Amy?  Humm….

Afterwards we headed out for more outdoor music.  One of our local parks runs a music festival on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer and we finally made a visit.  This was something that was very much on our radar last summer, but the crazy high temperatures and a very pregnant Toad kept us away.  Now there is nothing stopping us and this will certainly be a part of our summer weekends.  Bean especially loved pulling up the grass and getting as much dirt on his hands as possible.  I especially loved the ice cream vendors.  Yum.

The topic at church Sunday morning was Truth and Meaning which is always a good time and so in spite of a wiggly Bean, Mama was happy.  😉  Toad seemed willing to baby wrangle and so I didn’t stand in her way.  The afternoon was a quiet one.  Well, except for the cicadas.


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