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The Last Week in May Tuesday May 31, 2011

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If I hadn’t had lovely family photos to share, this week’s image would have been something crazy, mixed-up and weather related.  On Monday night we met friends for dinner and hours later when serious thunderstorms rolled through our town, a HUGE old tree very narrowly missed their house.  Whew.  Unfortunately, it did take out their power lines and they have only just recently been able to get back into their house.  Happily our neighborhood fared a bit better although the storms (and hail) kept Toad, Baker and I awake for much of the night.  Bean slept like a baby.  Really.

The remainder of the work week was cool and cloudy making the weather (when it wasn’t raining) perfect for walks.  Is this May?  Bean kept himself busy TRYING to crawl.  Trying and trying and trying.  He hasn’t actually done it yet, but he is working really hard.  Mostly he is going backwards (which frustrates him to no end), but it’s cool to watch him plug away at it.

When Toad got home from work on Friday, we headed to Denver, new home of Toad’s brother and his wife.  As you can see from the collage, much fun was had by all.  We hiked, we played in the backyard, we enjoyed a cookout with their cool neighbors, we even had banana pancakes.  Yum.


One Response to “The Last Week in May”

  1. Mallory Snow Says:

    Your little one just keeps getting cuter!

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