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The Last Days of May & First Days of June Monday June 13, 2011

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I like to keep things chronological, but this post has been hanging out in my Drafts folder and I’m just going to post it.  Better late than never.

This was the week that summer REALLY arrived.  It is hot around here.  Bad hot.  The kind of hot that makes a long walk pretty unpleasant. Yuck.

As you can see from the collage, Bean has realized that it is possible (and fun!) to sit up in the crib.  Unfortunately, he frequently wakes himself up in the middle of the night this way.  We call it sleep sitting.  Getting an actual greeting and grins when you walk into his room in the morning is pretty cool.

On Wednesday night we had a Welcome Home party at church for our minister who has been on sabbatical for the last five months.  It was a fun opportunity to hang out at church and for Bean to play with his friend Norah.  The next night we met our other 2 Mom family friends after work, which meant yet another baby to play with.  Fun.

The weekend held wandering at the Farmers Market (Bean met Emily Saliers while we all perused local goat cheese!), music in the park, homemade pizza, church and late Sunday afternoon thunderstorms.

But….. I’ve saved the big news for last.  On Sunday June 5, the Bean started crawling.  The boy is on the move!


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  1. The Next Beyond Says:

    He’s beautiful 🙂

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