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The Third Week of August Monday August 22, 2011

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Toys!  After the Birthday Extravaganza, Bean had lots of new toys to play with.  There was the train, the bongos and tambourine, what I like to call the “Woodpecker Lawnmower”, a bunch of great new books and the crowning jewel – the Fisher Price Learning House.  Without exception these toys are loud and frequently irritating (well except the books, but you know books are always the perfect gift), but the little guy loves them.  He has been crawling back and forth through the doorway, shaking the tambourine, arranging the lumber on the train, pushing the woodpeckers (usually into walls), ringing the doorbell like a crazy person and trying to yank the flower out of the flower-pot.  And that is just what he’s doing with the toys.

As you can see in the bottom right of the collage, he is also into EVERY bottom drawer and cabinet in the house.  He can entertain himself for wide stretches by pulling everything out, throwing each item on the floor (it really is a throw and not a drop) and then putting all of it back again; in all the wrong places of course.  In the space of a few short weeks he has become the Master of Destruction.  He’s still cute, but he’s destructive.

The arrival of new toys worked out well as the nap schedule shifted this week (or rather I finally gave in to the new timing) and we missed every play date and activity we had on the schedule.  If it wasn’t Bean’s nap it was his friends that caused the problem.  Babies are truly hell on a schedule.  But… we managed to have plenty of fun on our own, playing with toys, going to Downtown Story Time and strolling down to the neighborhood bagel joint for lunch.

I also joined the Volunteer Task Force at church which had its’ first meeting (a potluck) on Wednesday night.  The group is tasked with uncovering how the matching process between individual church member and church need operates now and how it could better operate in the future.  The other folks seem kind and interesting and I think this will be a good opportunity for me to get more involved, meet some new people and actually use my skills.  It’s looking like (qualitative) data collection and analysis will be in my future.

We spent the weekend swimming, going for walks, buying baby gates (?!), and enjoying our non-working/non-traveling time together.  On Saturday night Toad and I went out to dinner and Bean stayed home with a babysitter.  A babysitter who did NOT clean up after bedtime.  Oh how I miss Jill and Cousin Lauren.  In spite of arriving home to a messy house, we enjoyed the night out.

Also, I think summer might be packing up for an exit.


2 Responses to “The Third Week of August”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Sorry for the damage to the walls and the annoying sounds, but he does look like he is having a good time! Lots of fun toys for a very special boy’s first birthday!

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