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Guess What We’re Doing on September 2nd!! Thursday February 4, 2010

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Yahoo!  🙂  You heard me right.  Toad is pregnant with our little 10 week old Bean.  We got a picture of the little guy this morning.


Guess Who is At My House!!!!! Saturday December 20, 2008

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Fair & Balanced……. Baby Professor Tuesday September 9, 2008

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This is for all (ahem…. one) of you that were curious about the Professsor as a wee one.  Here you go….. 😉


Baby Toad……. Can You STAND It? Saturday September 6, 2008

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So Toad’s Mom and I have been scanning pictures for the wedding.  It’s entirely too much to handle.  Here are three of my favorites.


All Bella, All the Time Tuesday August 12, 2008

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I have spent the last few days in Atlanta.  With Bella.  Can you tell?!!  Although she was the highlight of the trip, it was also great to see her parents.  Always great to see them.  To sit down and talk face to face with the folks that (at least in adulthood) have known me the longest and best.  There’s something really comforting about that.  Other things may change and shift, but these guys have been with me for the long haul.  Through the really nitty gritty.  I can count on Z to wear black or tie-dye and call it like he sees it and I can count on T to cook me my favorite things (pesto, yum!) and somehow always get the wild places I’m occasionally coming from.  Those are hardly small things.

As Bella enters month three, I’ve picked up on a few changes.  The most obvious, is that she’s a tad smellier than she used to be.  Her Dad doesn’t call her “smelly belly” for nothing.  😉  She is also looking more like a person and less like an infant.  Her face is really expressive and you can already start to see a bit of her personality in it.  It is also true that the girl has some big feet.  Long and narrow.  If she were a puppy, that would indicate that she will be a big dog.  Not sure what big feet means for a baby, although I would imagine it’s similar.  She also likes to keep the feet moving.  Lots of kicking around and pretty strong kicking from a person that weighs less than Gadget.  Toad has got an eye on the running potential of those little legs.  Watch out Bella….


The Baby Borrowers Wednesday July 9, 2008

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 We spent the holiday weekend in Atlanta.  It was great to be back.  We got to hear some music at Eddies Attic and watch fireworks on the square in Decatur.  There were lots of good meals at our favorite spots (Thumbs Up, the Flying Biscuit, Einsteins) and even some dowtown early AM running.  

But, making the baby rounds was the best part of the trip.  We were able to spend a little time with all three of the girls.  Lily and Caroline are home from the NICU and doing well.  Gaining weight and making lots of “ohhh” faces (apparently a sign of brain development).  Miss Bella is growing like a very cute weed.  She’s already been out on the town a number of times and she’s a trooper.  We got to cuddle and snuggle and feed and burp to our hearts content. 

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend:

This is one of my favorite shots.  I love it!  The two of them really taking a good look.  Soaking each other in.  Introducing themselves.

This one shows Lily in the foreground and Caroline (with one of her mommies) in the background.


Introducing……. Bella!!! Thursday June 19, 2008

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Here she is!  Isabella Gianna.  Bella for short.  Or, if you are Uncle Norm – Izzy G.  The picture with Daddy was taken on her first day.  The Mommy picture and the two beauty shots were taken on day two.  I’m totally hooked!  When do I get to see her again?