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The Third Week of July Wednesday July 28, 2010

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I’m running a little late this week, gotta get it down before I forget…

The major event of the week (one that I am sure not to forget) was our OB appt and subsequent scan.  It’s official.  Bean is breech.  Stubbornly, unlikely to turn, likely to require c-section, breech.  Lovely.  Surprisingly (at least to me), Toad is handling this news more gracefully than I.  Something about this pregnancy has lulled her into a go-with-the-flow, Type B kind of a vibe.  Me?  Not so much.  I’m still working the Type A pretty hard and I’m thinking this baby better start behaving.  Everyone in the know seems to think that I am unlikely to get what I want.  Let this parenting gig begin…

On Wednesday we met with our new attorney who will be guiding us through the 2nd parent adoption process.  I knew it was going to be a great match when two of her dogs greeted us at her office door.  The meeting just got better from there.  All three of us hit it off and by the time we left her office, we had a date.  Also….. she has two daughters who are prime babysitting age.  Score!

And the date that we had, was with this lady:

And yes, she was wearing leather pants when we saw her as well.  Somehow neither Toad nor I have ever seen Melissa Etheridge in concert, until our friendly local attorney invited us to dinner and a show.  Fun!  I wasn’t kidding when I said the people here are friendly.

The only activity of the week that did not bear some relationship with the baby was the movie Inception.  Humm….what to say about this movie?  Interesting.  Considerably better than Knight and Day.  If the structure and function of dreams is something you find compelling, you should probably see it.  After all, it does include these two:


The First Week of April Wednesday April 14, 2010

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Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming….. Tomorrow

Home again and so glad to be here.  Looking fwd to weaving more than four days in one place together.  We got in Monday night and only in the last few moments have I felt relaxed and settled back into things.  Reentry.  It takes awhile.  Toad is right about that.

The big news is that on Tuesday we got to see Bean on the big screen and in 4-D.  One of the attendings at the hospital does very slow and meticulous anatomy scans for the residents and fellows after hours and so we were able to get the good news before the anatomy scan with the OB.  No… we don’t know if we are having a boy Bean or a girl Bean, but we are sure that we are having a jumping Bean.  That little person was moving around, fluttering arms and legs throughout the whole scan.  All of the organs look just as they should and I think the baby clearly has Toad’s feet.

On Thursday, we hit the road en route to our new home.  The trip was rainy and filled with construction, so it  took quite a bit longer than expected, but we made it in time to have a good dinner and snuggle into bed.  On Friday Toad did a board review for the residents, we had our consult visit with our pediatrician and we signed our names on the dotted line for the condo.  Yahoo!!!  Major items checked off the list.  The pediatrician (we have heard him referred to as the “Baby Whisperer”) was everything I had hoped for.  He had a very calm, reassuring voice, a bow tie and he didn’t blink to find out that Bean will have two Mommies.  He also gave us some good advice along the lines of following your instincts and trusting yourself and I think we are lucky to have found him.  Also, he will be meeting Bean in the hospital.  Very cool.

And then, there is the condo.  Toad loved it and it was fun to bustle around the place imagining how we might set it up.  We also found out that we will have a one-car garage and a storage space, which was certainly good news.  I won’t be big, but it will be comfortable and I think it has what we need.  Also, after hearing us talk about the nursery, seeing the rings and the check with both of our names, our landlord (who is a late 60ish lay minister in his church) exclaimed “I get it!  You’re married!”  Right you are Jerry.  It was a funny moment in which he acknowledged his own struggles with acceptance and later realization that as he put it, “God put us hear to love each other.  Congratulations and good luck!”.  Ok.  That went well.  Here is the floor plan for our new digs:

We spent the weekend visiting with friends new (fun Thai dinner with Toad’s new colleagues and their wives) and old (lunch with Toad’s best friend since med school and his wife and little boy and breakfast with my cousin who is in grad school in  town), exploring town on foot (lots of AM jogs and walks in city parks), talking about making our life here (but not over beer – thanks Bean!), visiting and even introducing ourself to the local (and friendly!) UU’s at the closest fellowship, eating yummy food (this town has great restaurants) and even seeing this guy in concert:

He looks a little like a monkey when he performs, but it’s charming.  Lots of weird movements with his head and feet.  The guy is great though.

I need a nap.


Brandi Carlile – I Had No Idea Wednesday February 10, 2010

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Last night Toad and I saw an amazing show.  I was expecting it to be good, but I had no idea how good it would be.  If Brandi Carlile gets anywhere near where you live, you NEED to go to her show.  She is an excellent charismatic performer and her voice sounds even better live.  She might just be my new music hero.  In fact, I’m trying out the red bandana on the arm thing.  You never know…. it could look good 😉

Brandi also has a great band.  I was particularly impressed by the guys who frame her on the stage.  The twins.  Also very charismatic in their own rights.

Perhaps my level of Brandi wow-ness can best be communicated by the fact that I have not even mentioned who opened the show.


Reason # 5,658 Why I Love My Wife Wednesday November 18, 2009

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We are going to see Neko Case tonight.  How cool is that?!  And on a Wednesday night no less.  It’s almost like we aren’t thirtysomethings.  Almost.

Last night while I was grading tests on the couch and listening to Oprah chat it up with Sarah Palin (how weird was that?!), Toad was planning a weekend getaway.  She managed to work out an academic day on Friday, so when the bell rings on Thursday we are headed to the mountains.  We’ve got two nights of hotel reservations in Asheville and we will spend Saturday night with the in-laws.  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!  The weather looks good, so we are going to spend as much time as we can outside.  The forecast looks good for it.  Hiking and eating yummy food and wandering through bookstores and getting out of town.  Happy.



See You Soon Girly!!! Wednesday October 28, 2009

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pdx poster web1


I Want to be Brandi Carlile When I Grow Up Saturday October 17, 2009

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We bought her new album Give Up the Ghost and I’m in repeat play mode.  Hardcore.  Over and over and over.  It’s in the car and in my ears when I run or walk with Baker.  The album is just good from start to finish.

Looking Out struck me immediately.  A story that feels familiar.  I love it when that happens.  The whole thing got even better when I was wandering through You Tube to find videos for any of the songs on the new album.  Not only did I find Looking Out, but I found Looking Out with Amy Ray.  Happiness.


Frightened Rabbit – I LOVE These Guys Sunday October 4, 2009

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Toad played DJ in the car on the way home this afternoon and we sang all the way home.  During all of this I was reminded of how excited I got about Frightened Rabbit last year.  I just love these guys.  The accent, the percussion, the lyrics.  All of it.  This renewed excitement sent me to YouTube and I found a cool video of Heads Roll Off.  This was one of the first ones I latched on to and the video rocks.  You can check it out here:

It took me longer with The Modern Leper, but it’s a relationship that has more staying power.  I think it’s my favorite and it’s been on my mind and in my head quite a bit during the last month.  I wish they had a video of this, but they don’t.  The acoustic live versions sound a little sketchy, so I’m including a link to just the song below.  It’s worth it.