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The Last Week of August Tuesday August 30, 2011

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Although the weather wasn’t quite as fall-ish this week we did have some cool walking mornings and we were safe from tornadoes, earthquakes and Hurricane Irene, so I guess we fared well all things considered.  The highlights of the work week included lunch at the Farmers Market with one of our Mommy groups.  Bean likes to eat at the Greek place at the Farmers Market.  Hummus, rice, tabbouleh, and falafel.  Yum!!!  Now that he has finally decided to join the Eating World, he is pretty  enthusiastic.  Unfortunately we had to do a little shopping this week as the little guy has finally grown out of his 9 month clothes.  I was thinking we could squeak through short-sleeve season without going up a size, but I gave in and bought a few things at Once Upon a Child to get us into Fall.  On Friday morning we had a neighborhood baby friend come over to play.  He is 6 months old and I had been telling his Mom that playing at our house would be a good opportunity to see what’s ahead for her.  But Bean was having a very off kind of morning in which he just wanted to be held while he whined.  Not exactly the kind of whirlwind 1 year old behavior I had prepared her for.  We still managed to have a good time though.

Unfortunately this was a kind of preview for the weekend.  Off and on throughout the weekend Puny Bean appeared, but there were bright spots.  On Saturday night we had dinner with some friends and Bean got to play with their 3 year old boy which he loved.  He even got to ride his tricycle with a little help from Mommy.  I loved the grilled salmon, orzo salad   and lemon cake.  The little dude spent the next day in his p.j.’s which if you know my wife is a real statement about how badly he was feeling.  On Sunday night I went to a meeting of a book club I have recently joined.  The book was The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life which was quite a stretch for me (Warren Buffet who?) but I do enjoy a good biography and this was no exception.

What’s on the horizon next week? Gearing up for Mother’s Day Out.  Cross your fingers.  For me.  Bean will be fine.


The Third Week of August Monday August 22, 2011

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Toys!  After the Birthday Extravaganza, Bean had lots of new toys to play with.  There was the train, the bongos and tambourine, what I like to call the “Woodpecker Lawnmower”, a bunch of great new books and the crowning jewel – the Fisher Price Learning House.  Without exception these toys are loud and frequently irritating (well except the books, but you know books are always the perfect gift), but the little guy loves them.  He has been crawling back and forth through the doorway, shaking the tambourine, arranging the lumber on the train, pushing the woodpeckers (usually into walls), ringing the doorbell like a crazy person and trying to yank the flower out of the flower-pot.  And that is just what he’s doing with the toys.

As you can see in the bottom right of the collage, he is also into EVERY bottom drawer and cabinet in the house.  He can entertain himself for wide stretches by pulling everything out, throwing each item on the floor (it really is a throw and not a drop) and then putting all of it back again; in all the wrong places of course.  In the space of a few short weeks he has become the Master of Destruction.  He’s still cute, but he’s destructive.

The arrival of new toys worked out well as the nap schedule shifted this week (or rather I finally gave in to the new timing) and we missed every play date and activity we had on the schedule.  If it wasn’t Bean’s nap it was his friends that caused the problem.  Babies are truly hell on a schedule.  But… we managed to have plenty of fun on our own, playing with toys, going to Downtown Story Time and strolling down to the neighborhood bagel joint for lunch.

I also joined the Volunteer Task Force at church which had its’ first meeting (a potluck) on Wednesday night.  The group is tasked with uncovering how the matching process between individual church member and church need operates now and how it could better operate in the future.  The other folks seem kind and interesting and I think this will be a good opportunity for me to get more involved, meet some new people and actually use my skills.  It’s looking like (qualitative) data collection and analysis will be in my future.

We spent the weekend swimming, going for walks, buying baby gates (?!), and enjoying our non-working/non-traveling time together.  On Saturday night Toad and I went out to dinner and Bean stayed home with a babysitter.  A babysitter who did NOT clean up after bedtime.  Oh how I miss Jill and Cousin Lauren.  In spite of arriving home to a messy house, we enjoyed the night out.

Also, I think summer might be packing up for an exit.


The Second Week in August Monday August 15, 2011

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This week was a birthday week.  Toad’s parents arrived at the farmhouse on Sunday the 7th and my parents rolled into town on Thursday the 11th.  Muzzie and Grandpa came into town in the afternoons to play with Bean giving me a little time to myself.  Love that.  Unfortunately I had to spend some of it doing things like grocery shopping, emissions testing and oil changes, but at least I didn’t have to drag little Bean along.  I also had time to do things like cook recipes from my new favorite cookbook Peas and Thank You, which I loved.  Bean and I kept busy in the mornings with playdates and we took Nana and Pops to Story Time at the downtown library on Friday.  Nana has always been a Calamity Jane fan, so she was particularly excited for the Wild West Circus.

Saturday was party day and we all had fun.   Bean wasn’t sure what to think about his cake, but when we finally moved it off his tray and replaced it with his dinner, he was a happy guy.  Why eat cake when you can eat peas?  The remainder of the day was spent taking pictures, playing with new toys and enjoying our favorite boys.

The grandparents headed for home on Sunday morning and we headed to church.  We were scheduled as greeters along with Norah’s family, but unfortunately Norah stayed home with her Mom.  Boo.  We did get to visit with her Dad though and we like him too. 😉  Toad, Bean and Baker went for a post afternoon nap hike while I enjoyed a little solo Mama time.  We wrapped up the weekend with yet another Peas and Thank You dinner (Red Lentil Enchiladas with Homemade Salsa).


The Last Days of May & First Days of June Monday June 13, 2011

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I like to keep things chronological, but this post has been hanging out in my Drafts folder and I’m just going to post it.  Better late than never.

This was the week that summer REALLY arrived.  It is hot around here.  Bad hot.  The kind of hot that makes a long walk pretty unpleasant. Yuck.

As you can see from the collage, Bean has realized that it is possible (and fun!) to sit up in the crib.  Unfortunately, he frequently wakes himself up in the middle of the night this way.  We call it sleep sitting.  Getting an actual greeting and grins when you walk into his room in the morning is pretty cool.

On Wednesday night we had a Welcome Home party at church for our minister who has been on sabbatical for the last five months.  It was a fun opportunity to hang out at church and for Bean to play with his friend Norah.  The next night we met our other 2 Mom family friends after work, which meant yet another baby to play with.  Fun.

The weekend held wandering at the Farmers Market (Bean met Emily Saliers while we all perused local goat cheese!), music in the park, homemade pizza, church and late Sunday afternoon thunderstorms.

But….. I’ve saved the big news for last.  On Sunday June 5, the Bean started crawling.  The boy is on the move!


The Last Week in May Tuesday May 31, 2011

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If I hadn’t had lovely family photos to share, this week’s image would have been something crazy, mixed-up and weather related.  On Monday night we met friends for dinner and hours later when serious thunderstorms rolled through our town, a HUGE old tree very narrowly missed their house.  Whew.  Unfortunately, it did take out their power lines and they have only just recently been able to get back into their house.  Happily our neighborhood fared a bit better although the storms (and hail) kept Toad, Baker and I awake for much of the night.  Bean slept like a baby.  Really.

The remainder of the work week was cool and cloudy making the weather (when it wasn’t raining) perfect for walks.  Is this May?  Bean kept himself busy TRYING to crawl.  Trying and trying and trying.  He hasn’t actually done it yet, but he is working really hard.  Mostly he is going backwards (which frustrates him to no end), but it’s cool to watch him plug away at it.

When Toad got home from work on Friday, we headed to Denver, new home of Toad’s brother and his wife.  As you can see from the collage, much fun was had by all.  We hiked, we played in the backyard, we enjoyed a cookout with their cool neighbors, we even had banana pancakes.  Yum.


The Third Week in May Monday May 23, 2011

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Lovely, no?  If only this image had audio.  Last week it was the rain and this week it is the plague.  The cicada plague.  At times we have literally been ankle-deep in their loud, crunchy bodies.  I wish I were making this up, but it’s true.  I should explain that the ankle-deep part has only happened during walks on our woodsy greenway.  It is quite possible that we have entered some weird portal and landed smack in the middle of a Stephen King novel.

In case you haven’t heard, the 13 year cicadas are here.  According to the experts, they emerge from the ground (in hordes) and live for five to six weeks.  In that time, they eat, mate and make an UNBELIEVABLE amount of noise.  A childhood spent entirely in the deep South has familiarized me with the cicada, but I was wholly unprepared for the mass appearance they have made in the last few weeks.  A cicada here and there is quite a different thing than thousands and thousands of cicadas invading your neighborhood, turning it into both a mass grave (crunch, crunch, crunch) and a concert venue that bows to no noise ordinance.

While it’s disgusting to see cicada bodies everywhere you look and even worse to crunch them endlessly underfoot, it is the sound they make that really gets you.  It’s a constant droning that has become so pervasive I’m beginning to wonder how quiet life will be when their occupation is over.  Toad has described it as sounding like a car alarm sounding from the next block.  In particularly tree/bush dense places it can overwhelm conversation.  I have retired my Nano for the duration of their visit because I can’t get the volume loud enough to make any of it audible.  Strange times for sure.

Of course, there is more than the cicada plague going on around here.  For one thing Toad and I enjoyed not one, but TWO awesome date nights.  On the first we ventured to a restaurant that was new to us and although we almost didn’t find it (thanks Google Maps) , we were quite glad that we finally did.  The place was high on atmosphere and modeled after a 1920’s speakeasy.  The focal point was the bar with a long and interesting list of signature cocktails, but we opted out of liquor(maybe next time) and enjoyed the food.  A nice night out for sure.

On Friday night we headed to the park, spread a blanket, bought some Kettle Korn and listened to good music.  Outdoor music is something we haven’t we done since before Yogi was born and it felt so good to do it again.  And also to think about how fabulous it will be to include the little dude.  To have a special night in which he stays up past his bed time and wears a cheap little glo stick around his neck and runs out in a field with other little people while his Mommies listen to bluegrass.  Good times ahead.

As I’m SURE I mentioned last week, Toad was at the hospital all last weekend, so we were extra ready for family time when the weekend rolled around.  We got Saturday off to a good start at the Farmers Market.  We picked up only one loaf of bread, but we did run into Emily Saliers while we were all perusing local goat cheese.  A small world, but where was Amy?  Humm….

Afterwards we headed out for more outdoor music.  One of our local parks runs a music festival on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer and we finally made a visit.  This was something that was very much on our radar last summer, but the crazy high temperatures and a very pregnant Toad kept us away.  Now there is nothing stopping us and this will certainly be a part of our summer weekends.  Bean especially loved pulling up the grass and getting as much dirt on his hands as possible.  I especially loved the ice cream vendors.  Yum.

The topic at church Sunday morning was Truth and Meaning which is always a good time and so in spite of a wiggly Bean, Mama was happy.  😉  Toad seemed willing to baby wrangle and so I didn’t stand in her way.  The afternoon was a quiet one.  Well, except for the cicadas.


The Second Week in May Monday May 16, 2011

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That pretty much captures it.  If this were a photo blog, I would click “publish” and know that my descriptive work was done.  Unfortunately, this is not a photo blog.

It rained.  A lot.  The boys and I were mostly trapped in the house and Toad was mostly trapped at the hospital.  This was a call weekend.  Quite a misleading term actually.  “Call” weekend makes it sound both benign and brief.  It should be called a “working twelve days straight” weekend, making it NOT a weekend at all.

When we weren’t bemoaning the work and weather situations, we were managing a little happiness.  Small amounts.  Bean has discovered clapping and he can’t get enough of it.  If the action stops for a moment, the boy starts clapping.  Of course, we love it.  How could we not?  Toad is charting some new territory in her department using a technique that involves ice balls.  Hearing her use the words “ice” and “balls” in conjunction with one another and with great seriousness makes me laugh.  I’m always happy when she can both bring home the bacon AND make me laugh about it.  I have been trying out new recipes and inviting myself into other people’s book clubs.

Here’s to sun in the forecast!